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Wash Your Hands Sanitizer Cozy

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I’ve been keeping hand sanitizer at my front door since I first brought my new baby home, and now, it’s accompanied by many other essentials for anyone entering or going out into the world. This is a recipe for a quick bottle cozy that can be used to make your sanitizing supplies look a little less sterile.

This pattern is written for a 237 ml / 8 ounce and a 1 litre / 34 ounce pump hand sanitizer bottle and includes instructions to customize to any size. It features a mock cable design created with yarn over’s and left leaning decreases. This is a very quick project that can be completed in an evening with less than 50g of worsted/aran weight yarn and US 8 needles, making it an equally fabulous beginner project or stash-buster. This would also be a cute and quick gift for new parents.

This pattern includes screen reader/low vision formatting: 24 point black Arial font with no italics or columns, minimal use of abbreviations, and captioned images, as well as a more printer-friendly version with 12 point font, and a dark mode version with light grey text on a black background. Charts are included but not required to complete. Please let me know if you require any additional formatting.
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