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Technical Editing

Technical editing involves checking every aspect of the pattern - math, charts, grammar, and style according to your provided style sheet. I began tech editing for clients upon completing the Tech Editor Hub's Learn to Tech Edit course in 2019. I love working with unique construction, grading, and charts. As an editor I am an approachable, encouraging, and collaborative member of your team. I have the experience to turn your design into a polished, error-free pattern that is publication-ready, and I am always available for ongoing support.

Typical project estimates: 

Accessory editing: 1 - 1.5 hours

Garment editing: 2 - 2.5 hours 

(patterns with charts typically fall on the longer end of this range)

See my other services for designers below.

More Services

Pattern Grading

You design your pattern and sample in a single size, and provide all the measurements, gauges, and yardage information. I take care of the math. I can create a full range of sizes according to standard or customized body measurements. 

I began providing grading services to clients in 2020 upon completing The Tech Editor Hub's Masterclass in Grading. I am passionate and committed to creating inclusive patterns, and that means ensuring a perfect fit in all sizes.

Please note I am not currently taking on new clients for grading.

Accessible Formatting

How many more people could enjoy your patterns if they included accessible formatting? 

I can format your written pattern to meet and exceed guidelines for accessibility, making it useable for crafters who rely on screen readers and/or large print. We can also reduce barriers for other needs such as light sensitivity and dyslexia.

The accessible formatted pattern will be provided in a separate PDF that can be offered alongside your standard pattern file. I can also help with creating an accessibility statement, choosing correct tags so that your pattern can be found by those who need it, and listing your pattern on the Accessible Patterns Index.


This service does not need to be combined with editing, which means we can do your whole back catalogue if you choose. Ongoing support is included. Let me take the guesswork out of accessibility. 


  • Prepare professional knitting charts including lace, colourwork and brioche charts to match your pattern style.
  • Provide custom schematics.
  • Provide yardage estimates.
  • Create custom sizing charts for an inclusive range of sizes.
  • Create a custom style sheet to ensure a polished, consistent style across all your patterns.
  • Check grading only for other pattern graders.